Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tis the Season... blah blah blah

Normally Im not a huge Holiday cheer person. This year really isnt all that different. Why?
Well Im the believer that this is not Jesus day of birth, however, I understand this is when we celebrate the day of his birth. The real problem is, is that the true meaning of Christmas has been lost!

What is the true meaning of Christmas, again, it's all in your perception and your beliefs.
To me,
Christmas is about love, kindness, giving, generosity & caring.
However the retail world, makes it all about want want want.. give me give me give me.
It's more about the bottom dollar amount than about who you spend the time with. What you do for your community. What you do for your friends & family.

My children will be learning a valuable lesson this holiday season, they will assist me in dishing out sleeping bags to the homeless, food at the shelters, and a food drive Im holding at work for our local Senior Center. There presents will not only be materialistic, but what they give to our community also,to those that have LESS than we do. It will not just be about what's under the tree for them. But the life lessons under the tree this year, and the years to come, will be what they will learn from. Grasping the true meaning of Christmas will be on our agenda. They are old enough to learn that life is not all happy colors, but dark hues of the under world, the side of poverty that luckily has not touched us............. yet!

I wish you all Happy Holidays.. Whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or what ever your traditions and beliefs carry you from day to day.



April said...

My daughter has asked for a couple years now if we can't go and volunteer and dish out food. I need to find the're so right!!

The Dung Beetle said...

I agree with you. My two kids are so stuck in "gimmie gimmie gimmie" mode that they can't see beyond their own faces. I don't recall being like that as a kid, but then again, my parents hovered around the poverty line, and I was grateful for whatever I got from Santa.

Bookie and I provide well for them, and they have no idea what it's like to try making a meal out of crackwers and peanut butter. I think volunteer work would be an excellent idea.

Weekends Off said...

I think that what you are teaching your kids is very valuable and I hope that they carry that bit of Christmas Spirit with them their whole lives.

Barney said...

Time is the hard thing to locate.. what store do they sell that in?

Im with you..I too grew up on the poverty line.. then again.. we didnt get Christmas growing up ( I was raised a Jehovahs' Witness.. could u tell I dont follwo that anymore)

~ D ~
I hope my children appreciate the lesson.. and I hope it gives them a little more caring nature..