Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Random thoughts

It's Wednesday.. had no power this morning..
wind storm... uuugghhh... I can not function w/out a shower.. and coffee..
Was suppose to start a new diet this morning.. but, it says no coffee on my diet.. WTF?
So.. needless to say, I didnt start my diet.... I couldnt even shower..
I feel like Im not really here.. I feel "dirty" Im not.. I took a P T A bath..
w/the cold ass water...

My S N L (sis in law) has a large mass growing in side her.. no, she's not prego..
but they dont know what it is.. it's the size of a small nerf football... attatched to her liver.
She went in for a biopsy (sp?) yesterday.. please pray it's not cancer...and it can just be removed.. she has 5 kids... I cant take care of 5 kids if God forbid something drastic was to happen.. plus my 2.. that's 7.. Western State here I would come!!!!

My son is having surgery on Monday... he has cyst's forming between his growth plates on the top's of his feet, it's causing him loads of pain. Please send drugs for the Mommy.. so she doesnt have a nervous breakdown when he comes out of surgery and he start being whiny.. (cuz that's what he does when he's not feeling well) he will be on good drugs.. so maybe he wont be to whiny..
how about you send drugs so I dont kill his "fathers" other half.. as they have decided they need to be there... Oh God, grant me the strenght to do the things that I KNOW I should not do!!!

What else....
yeah.. nothing

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The Blog Whore said...

No coffee? Egads!