Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What's up w/the title bar? Like I need this frustration today..

ok..so Yadda yadda yadda.. blah blah blah..
that's the mood.. w/a touch of anger twinning its way thru... loving the red streak of anger.. just put's me on edge!!!!

Where to start..
Happy Belated Birthday America.. I spent the 4th of July driving.. to Canada..
Oh Canada....lalalalala.. sorry..dont know anymore than that..

Driving thru some mountain pass on our way to Vernon BC... tried to kill ourselves.
Ive had near death experiences, however, I dont think I have EVER put my childrens lives at risk before, and that was a whole new out of body experience. Driving down an 8% downgrade, going into a little town call Princeton.. the motor-home decided it didnt want to slow down or stop. Down shifted, it wouldnt slow down.. pumping the brakes, no help.. in 1st gear, standing on the brakes, locked the damn things up, switchbacks... Oh God!!! We were all gonna die!!!
But.. thank God.. we didnt.. but it was an extremely scary situation.. brakes were checked in the next town and they were good to go.. so we moved forward to our final destination....
Camping, swimming, dog show.. our meathead did well, he got dumped the first day, won his class and took reserve the second day, and the third day he won his class, and got best opposite (beat by a bitch) - drive home was hot, humid, sticky but un-eventful..

Other than that.. my life aint shit.. sad huh?!
this weekend I am headed to a little biker gathering in a small southern town of WA...
Do Wa Diddy baby!!! OMG.. I will download pics and write about that when I get back on Monday.. The Do Wa is always a good time, it's my job to obtain money for the "titty" contest, now see, in order for money to be gathered for the winners, one has to go around and "show their goods" I have NO problem flashing, there just boobs, and well even if I do say so myself, I have a nice set of ta-ta's... :) (if I get enough encouragment.. I may just post them here) And well, my dad sends me off to take donations from our fellow bikers!!!! There are anywhere between 700-1200 bikers that show for this event, a good time is had by all.. my other responsibilities are to be security.. now if you knew me, you would understand that I have NO issue here either, I have no problem getting in the face of some drunken 300lb dude... I should probably have some fear.. but I dont, maybe it's because of my past experiences.... or.. maybe Im just stupid!!!

Havnt heard from my fuck buddy.. well I have, maybe 2 emails, but nothing inviting, just a "had a great time, lets do it again" and a "hi" email.. that's it.. I did however hear from his cousin, wanting to know why I would meet up w/the f-buddy but not w/him.. as I told him, could be because the cousin is married and the f-buddy aint.. yeah.. I think that's a good answer!!!

Ok.. I think that's about it. Im looking so forward to a weekend of no kids, adult drunken conversation, the twins coming out, as they need some fresh air, and if I get really lucky, I will have some drunken adult action in a hot tent.. well.. that usually doesnt happen, only because Ive noticed in my old age Im starting to get a little picky when it comes to dropping my knickers! LOL



The Dung Beetle said...

Uhm... so what do you consider encouragement? Cause I'm like, totally down for encouraging my friends...

In the name of encouragement... do what ya do!

"T" said...

Hey, I wanna see 'em.

I KNOW I'm a chick, but I always look at the boobs.

I ain't gonna lie.

Weekends Off said...

OK I love boobs and so of course I am encouraging you right now to take a pic....

I may get jealous, you know I have big boob envy, but I will still love you lol...

Also, I am so glad you didn't get hurt on the trip! That had to be so scary!!! Your guardian angel must have been working overtime that day!!