Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Do Wa Diddy.. Diddy dum diddy do!!! Adult Content!!!

Good Day all..

There be the girls.. that's them in all their fine glory.. that would be the night before the do wa... when they were still clean, and un marked.. cuz you see.. when the Do Wa hit's.. the sharpie pens and mardi-gras beads come out.. and well.. I eneded up w/20 signatures this year.. I even de-virginized a couple guys w/sharpie tittie signing.. 101!!! hahahaha..
ok.. so be nice w/your comments.. remember.. everyone has to PLAY NICE!!!!

Do Wa updates coming at you..

I apologize, as I havnt downloaded any pictures.. there was alot of jello shots going thru the weekend.. I started my day off at 10 am, w/a nice shot of jello, followed by a tall cup of Bacardi & coke.. it's my favorite drink!!!

I would say a little over 1100 bikers and their friends showed up. I do believe a good time was had by all... many many pictures were taken, I think I even vaguely remember my face squished between two set's of breast's.... w/my tongue sticking out.. haha.. I love boobs!!! And Im female!!!

Other than that... there were no issues, never usually is, which in it's self is kind of amazing when you get that many people together, all drinking and you get different types of "groups" together.

We raised almost $400 for the wet t-shirt contest.. My dad is the MC for that tittie contest, he is the biggest perv I have ever met, yet he does it in such a tastful way.. that's my Daddy.. and I love him :) I got to work security during the tittie contest, stand at the base of the stage and push people back when they get to close.. One of the other guys working w/me, yelled at me to turn around during the show.. and I turned, and there was a cooch right in my face.. that was a little more than I bargained for.. LOL.. he laughed and laughed.. thought that was hilarious...haha.. yeah.. not so much.. I love boobs.. but Im not really into other womens cooch.. call me weird.. but.. not my thing.. another gal got up to dance, and she decided that she needed to strip too.. until this stench went thru the wind.. OMG!!! I yelled up at her to wash that thing, it smelled vile... like rotten fish... sweat...mildew.. Im gagging just thinking about it.. blah!!!!

Anyhow.. some guy attatched himself to my hip.. he was a cutie, drunker than anything, and a little psycho.. I loved him.. he was freaking hilarious... he even sucked on my nipple.. hehe.. I get a little crazy at these things... he had friends who made a spody (sp?) damn..it was nummers... I drank that, ate the fruit.. and drank some more..

I think I finally got to sleep around 3:30 that morning.. I know more happened.. but.. Im sorry to say, I was I N T O X I C A T E D!!! and bit's and pieces are slamming back into my head at odd hours.. haha..

As more memories come crashing in.. and pictures come available.. I shall update..



Weekends Off said...

I still love you but I am very envious of your big boobs.

Sniff. I want naturally big boobs too!!! ALL the women on my side of the family - D cups or bigger. ME? pfft... Not.

OMG that sounds like such a fun event, I can picture it in my mind but I am sure it was way more wild than my imagination!

Did you happen to find yourself in any tents???? LOL

"T" said...

Mmmm... I remember jello shooters. Ah, the good old daze.

And those are beautiful boobs!

Thanks for sharing ;)

The Dung Beetle said...

Sorry... I didn't actually read your post. Something about bikers and a party?

Those are nice...

Impressive... Most impressive...

Carmel Beauty said...

Sounds like you had fun hope you had some for me.

I updated my blog :-)

Barney said...

Thank you all.. yes.. the do wa.. was fun always is.

I still havnt gotten the pictures downloaded.. but soon.. I promise!!!

I apologize to everyone's eyes on my white chest.. but hey.. I dont let them out that often in the sun.. :)

Effortlessly Average said...

Suddenly I'm thinking "motorboat" for some reason.