Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tumbeling tumble weeds

I have been living w/family for the last year. It's been a hectic, stressful home life for me and my wee ones. However Im happy to report that I finally have decided that my bills are paid enough to take the plunge into a single home life w/just me and them.

So as of tomorrow at 4:30 PST, I will have signed my life away for a 3 bedroom/2 bath, 1212 sq ft apartment. $400 more a month than a pay now, but.. it will be mine.. and I will be able to do as I please. Have friends over for dinner and drinks, allowed to lay on my couch and watch what I please. If I find it necessary I can run the house in my t-shirt and shorts and not wear my bra!
Oh the freedom that I will have once again!!!

Moving in w/family met dual roles. Helping both of us out of some finicial situations. But a time comes when one must fly away.. and I thank my family for all they have done not just for me, but for the wee-ones too.

Time to spread my wings, get my life out of a 10x10 storage unit and lay in my own bed! It will be like Christmas.. only in July, as I havnt seen most of my things in over a year. To be surrounded by MY things. My couch, my bed, my dishes, my pictures, mine mine mine mine mine!!!! Yep.. ALL MINE!!!

I will be taking the last week of July off.. 7/30-8/3.. to unpack, put away, throw away and relax when I can.. to become one w/my new surroundings.. and be happy happy happy.. Im truly hoping this will help w/that red hue of anger that is always on the out skirts of my mind.


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Weekends Off said...

OK so I came today to look at your boobies again but I was really glad to see you had posted such GOOD NEWS!!!

I can tell you are psyched and I am thrilled for you!