Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I need something lite and funny in life..
Nothing really lite & funny has happened lately. Which is rather sad.

Sunday evening my dear friend and I decided to go out and have a dinner and drinks ;)
I should of known that dinner and drinks would mean starting at 6ish, and ending up at the local watering hole. Little did I realize, that at 11:ish... I was toasted.. I'm really starting to sound and feel like a drunk..
The kids stayed the weekend w/their cousins, up on the hill, I say the hill, cuz they live on the side of the Capital Rain Forest and have all this acreage to run and roam and well be free, kids, playing in the creek, climbing tree's and just being.
We all needed a break from each other.

Back to Sunday evening.. I honestly didn't mean to head out and get intoxicated... I don't even remember drinking that much.. but.. I guess I did, cuz by the time she dropped me off at home, I got into bed, and the room started spinning, so I got up and made myself the ultimate drunken fair.. peanut butter & raspberry jelly...nummers!!! That settled my tummy and I passed out.

Now, a little more (from what I remember from the evening)

My dear friend is married.. very unhappily so.. but married non-the-less
She met another guy.. and has been carrying on an emotional attachment for a little over a month. Now, she wants advice or the ok to cheat on her husband.. she says she needs a "reason" to leave him...
Never mind the fact that she is extremely unhappy.. they have no communication between the two of them, he doesn't do any housework, he cant even make a fucking Dr's appt for their daughter. He works, and he figures that that's all he needs to do. He's 9 yrs younger than she is, (she's 34 he's 26) and is so damn arrogant that it drives me nuts. He and I get along to a point, until he irritates me and I tell him to shut up.. I put up w/him because of her.. I kind of half to I figure.

Anyhow.. she cant stand it when her husband touches her, kisses her, or try's to engage in sex with her. She says it makes her physically ill.
I cant help her, I have tried and tried to give her advice.. but who am I to give someone advice on their marriage.. I'm not married, I have never been married.. I guess I have always figured if your that damn unhappy then leave.. just get up and go. But cheating is not the answer. But she is hoping that this guy will be the reason for her to leave her marriage. I yelled at her Sunday night, as we were sitting in the bar... to stand on her own two feet, to stop being so damn co-dependant.. to be who she needs to be w/out someone else to drag down.

I feel for her.. but can I really condone what she wants to do?


I take the boy to court tomorrow.. we stand in front of a judge and I tell the judge what has been going on and why I want him on this program. Then on Friday we have a social worker coming to the house, to talk w/all three of us. I'm starting to wonder if Ive done the right thing. We have to go thru 8 weeks of counseling as a family, which is great but w/a social worker from the state? What does that mean? I guess I'm paranoid that at any time they could not like my parenting style and then all the sudden my kids become a ward of the state. Which over my damn dead body! I brought those happy little children into this world, only one whose gonna take them out is me!!!!
I love my kids.. but am I doing whats right?
And once he gets into this program, how the hell do I get him out of it? Damn, I guess I should of asked that question. OH Crap... I'm so damn stupid!!!!!


Company meeting today.. our division is up for sale.. there are 3 categories of what our employment could turn out to be

1) current employee... remaining an employee once we are purchased
2) current employee... remaining until after the purchasing, and then being let go
3) terminated

there are packages that come with each category...
if the severance pay is good..I'm so outta here!!!! I'm bored in my job..bored..bored...bored..
I think I'm ready to head back to school and get my nursing degree..
I mean..why not.. either that, or I'm gonna go become a cop.. at least then I could take my aggression out on some ass hole that pisses me off ;)

Ok.. well Ive had enough of this day..

I'm out of here



The Bizza said...

I've been where your friend appears to be treading. I won't presume to say that I know her situation intimately, but I can certainly empathize and draw parallells. That being said, I don't think that your condoning her actions is the real issue here. The real issue is that your friend deserves to be happy. In my experience, cheating on my ex-spouse, though sometimes exciting, ultimately led to more unhappiness. This will most likely be the fate of your friend should she choose the same path.


I don't know crap about how state-run social services run, but I have a great deal of mistrust for them. I hope everything works out with you and your son. I'm pulling for you all.


Good luck with your company's restructuring. I hope you get the option most favorable to you.

janice said...

Getting the government involved (in anything except the military) is a bad idea.

State run family services will take over your parenting control.

Once they step in they never leave, it's not like you can fire them. A private (more expensive) counselor can be fired and you're free to take their suggestions and advice. The state mandates change in the way you conduct your home and pass judgement, they can't be fired once they're called. Sorry.

Is there any way you can stop this?

Ozfemme said...

Hang in there! Hope all goes well. Better yet, move over here and hang out here. It's summer!

Anonymous said...

Heya! I was just dropping by to see if you had anything new up. I hope the holiday season is going well for you. Miss your posting! Take care, hope all is well! :)

Krystal said...

Eating when the room is spinning equals unavoidable worshipping of the porcelean god.

There was more I was going to say, but I forgot what it was and I'm too lazy to re-read the post.