Friday, November 09, 2007


Ok.. just a few random things..

1) Weekends.. I tried to log into your blog, but it says that I have to be invited in?
2) I got a second job, I start Tuesday.. I will be shooting people for a living.. can u guess what I will be doing?
3) It's hotter than hades in this fucking building!!!
4) We had a potluck today at work.. and OMG.. Im so freakin full!!!
5) We had puppies Monday... only 2.. but Mamma and both puppies are healthy

Took the boy child to his appt last Friday, and he has been a SAINT this week... well as good as a the devil in a saints disguise anyway. All of his teachers have been very impressed with his positive behavior. We have court on the 15th, go in front of a judge and I get to explain to him why I feel he should be on thsi program, and then the boy has a chance to redeem himself, then the judge hands down his ruling on whether or not he is going to be on it (the counselor already said he will be)

So, if wee boy child fucks' up, he has major consequences.... such as community service hours, detention, work crew, additional essays. If he continues to screw up at school, and the school kicks him out, then he will have to attend school thru juvenile hall, in a cement room, w/a guard.. no lunch break, you eat at your desk, no outside time... 8am-4pm
Needless to say, he's been an angel!

We have a tour of the juvenile facilities on the 13th.. Im making the girl child go too, because she has been having a bit of an attitude problem lately too. That cute little girl act isnt cutting it anymore!

Mamma is D O N E!!!
Thankfully they understand that now.

Ok.. well peace everyone, the weekend is here and I think Im gonna sneek outta work early..


The Bizza said...

Congrats on your new job! Glad to hear that your son has turned the corner! The hard part will be seeing if he can maintain this positive attitude.

I'm pulling for you and your crew!

Krystal said...

Shooting people? That sounds like fun! LOL!

I really hope this works out with your son. I gotta tell you, it takes a lot of tough love to do what you did. Good for you!

Weekends Off said...

It's back open Barney, one of my so-called friends thought I'd find it funny if she messed with my blog settings and I didn't notice till Sunday!

Weekends Off said...

Ok now I got to read your post LOL.. WAY to go Mamma you are doing the right thing, scare them straight!!!

They will thank you for it later.

I wish I could shoot people for a living LOL. Well, besides the eye daggers I shoot them already I mean!

PUPPIES!!! OK you know you need to send me pics or post one, I need to see something cuddly and cute and young....

Oh and I messed around with my blog and changed the template to a standard one so don't think you've gotten the wrong place....I chose the same one as you ROFL