Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ramblings of the Insane

Hi everyone... I apologize for not posting earlier.. but things have just been crazy & ongoing.
So.. grab your favorite beverage & a snack, sit down, put your feet up and lets talk!

Took the boy to court... and it actually wasn't all that bad. It's a 9month probation, if he gets in alot of trouble during those 9months, then it will be longer. However, the judge didn't feel that my son was over the top. So we have to go to court again in January, until then we have to attend family counseling. Now, if the counselor and I could just meet up and stop playing phone tag. Since court, the boy has been really good, although he did have a small issue at school which caused him to receive an emergency expulsion. However I ripped the principle a new ass, because Wonder Boy & another student were horse playing in the hall way and the other kid went to kick Wonder Boy, who in turn grabbed his leg, twisted and the boy went down and hit his head on the hard floor.... yes, I understand that it shouldn't of been happening, but hell boys will be boys, it was unintentional... and Wonder Boy felt so so so bad.. the kid went to the hospital to make sure he didnt have a concussion (thank god he's a sue happy world)
Well, the principle kicked Wonder Boy out before even gathering all the facts.. that ticked me off... and I said my piece.. and he was back in school after the Thanksgiving Holiday.
So.. we are off to a GREAT start!

2) I started my second job. Oh it's great to work with the public again.
God how I hate people. I thought this time of the year was suppose to bring out love, peace, and good will among people? NOT!!!
It's been a a true test of my patience... Two customers got into a fight w/each other and it took everything I had not to bitch slap them both. I just looked at them both.. said in my most chipper voice.. " tis the season to be jolly" and turned and walked away. If they wanna cat fat, go at it.. have fun.. but you being a couple of bitches will only make me NOT want to help you!
I worked 20 hrs last week... and then this week Ive only worked maybe 4... I really really need those hours.. stupid me, didnt go and figure out what I was making per hr, I swear.. if it's just minimum wage, is it worth it? If I knew how to waitress I would go get a waitress job at some bar.. but I suck at math.. soooooo... that's a no...

3) My girlfriend who is unhappily married.. finally told her husband how she feels (sadly she chose Turkey evening to do so)
not sure what's gonna come of it, but he seems to be blaming me for it. whatever.. I dont really care.. I call their house he answers and if she's not home he will tell me then hang up on me. I know he's hurting but come on.. grow the fuck up! Or am I being to harsh? Either's not my deal and Ive told her she's going about it wrong. But it's her life.. it's not my place to tell her how to live it. Right? Right!!!

4) I ran into a guy I went to high school with. I vaguely remember him. According to him I hid out in his parents boat that was in their backyard my freshman year of high school, again I barely remember this. Anyhow.. ran into him at the bar ( Im starting to think Im turning into a weekend alcoholic) we danced, we talked, we laughed, we danced, we kissed.... and OMG.. it was a kiss that was really good...
So we've been talking since then, haven't seen him, just talking, were suppose to go to dinner tonight. But Im having reservations....
I cant stand his voice.. is that superficial? Some say it is, but his voice is so.. uummm... soft.. it's almost as if he never went thru puberty. My voice is deeper than his. But he's a supper nice guy, well from what I can tell, I understand it's to early.
This brings up a whole mess of other issues.

Do I want a relationship? I have so much other shit going on in my life Im not sure if Im ready to invest in something with anyone right now.
My ex did a real number on me. It's almost as if Ive been ruined for any other man. I have become such a hard ass, cold, unemotional towards others. Verbally abusive to men. It's not really who I am, it's a defense mechanism. I honestly don't think I can put myself out there and risk my heart. If I still have a heart. I don't even know anymore.
I have become such an angry person. I don't trust men, I don't believe in what they say, don't believe anything that comes out of their mouths.
When did I become such an angry person?

5) The company is still up for sale.. Any buyers out there?
Nothing new on that front.. they have put packages together for everyone.. but not sure exactly what is what. More on that when I figure out what is going on!!

Ok.. I guess I should get back to work.. hope you enjoyed your favorite to ya'll soon.


********THIS JUST IN*********

So.. I did some investigation work.. true example of why I dont trust men.
We will call him Cowboy...
anyhow.. the apartment complex where he currently resides, is managed by a friend of a friends, so I had my friend call and see if she could get any dirt.
Well guess what!!! He's living w/his fiance.
Yep.. that's right...
He's been fucking playing me... and I dont deal well with that.
Now, this is a very fine line that Im walking, because... she shouldnt of given me any information.
So.. I cant just come right out and say anything, cuz she could loose her job.
So... I think a little evilness will need to come into play...
So.. Im gonna tell the apartment manager to say that she's friends w/me... and that she found out what he's been doing.. and tell her where we are suppose to meet for dinner tonight and have her show up.

Moral of the story.. dont fucking play me. Cuz I wont be played!!!!!
I always win!!!
Will let you all know how it turns out tomorrow...


Krystal said...

He's a looser...

Weekends Off said...

Wow yeah he IS a loser...that sucks. But you know, you may not feel/see it, but you do have a heart. It's just that you are in self-preservation mode and there really is nothing wrong with that. When you are ready you'll feel those walls coming down, because you can't stop them no matter how much you want them to stay up.

I love your "tis the season" comment to those bitches, I can only imagine the look on their faces. But now that son is stuck in my I have to pay you back now......

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt,
His name is my name too.

Whenever we go out,
The people always shout,
There goes John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.

Dah dah dah dah, dah dah dah!!!!!

Weekends Off said...

Um. I meant sonG.

In case ya didn't know.....

April said...

Ok Barney, let's get the scoop....what's happened since this post? Did you go to dinner? Did the fiance show up?
The heart will open when it is ready. Remember that while there are dogs out there, there are also some wonderful, caring men. Finding them isn't easy. But perhaps like me, you've looked in all the wrong places...........