Monday, March 31, 2008

Fat Ass report - 2

Well.. Ive lost 11 lbs!!! The goal is to loose 50 by Oct! I WILL DO THIS!!!
So.. here it goes..

current weight: 230

GAWD!!! Thats hard to look at.. then again.. when I started Weight Watchers.. I weight 241!
So.. 11 pounds.. that's pretty good.. It's been 7 weeks..
I even, started working out at the gym..
Now.. mind you.. I fucking hate the gym..
Believe me when I say I hate the gym.. I HATE the gym..
I hate excercise, H A T E it... but.. Im gonna do this.. I have commited to $30 a month.. money is sacred to me.. cuz well, Im poor..poor white apartment trash.. LOL..hahahahahahaha...... Im kidding... Im kidding..
It's a joke between my son and I....

Anyhow.. Im commited.. 3x a week.. Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday...'s a start..
I will be lighter by October.. when I go to Cabo.. I will be tone... and lean... and tan!!!

Im doing this for me..
Not for anyone else..
For me.. noone else..

So.. yeah.. 11 lbs.. I have to keep reminding myself.. I didnt pack on these extra pounds overnight.. it took time.. to it's not gonna come off overnight.. it will take time..
but Ive noticed it.. and so have alot of other people.. which makes me feel accomplished (or their just being nice) either way.. it makes me feel good...

Im not on a "diet" Im on a life changing plan..
to eat healthier... to live longer.. to be good to my body..

OH Good lord.. I want a donut!!!


"T" said...

God. I love donuts.

Weekends Off said...

Well, just stick to the doughnuts you float on in the pool cuz you are on a mission woman and I know you can do it!!!

But, if you decide you want a donut bring me one too!

Congrats on the missing 11 lbs!!!

KBear said...

swimming helps a LOT!! so does the sauna baths at the gym.

and, when you walk, tighten your ab muscles, you'd be aMAZED! at how it helps! :)

oh, did they tell you to never eat til you feel full? just to under that. then, eat something every 3 hours, or 6 meals a day?

i find it's really helping me, but im on a cheating week (have been for 3 weeks!) with the house and the stress and the bullshit.

but 11 pounds is amazing! keep going! youre doing great!!!

im dusting off the pom poms and gonna learn a cheer for ya!

The Bizza said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Keep up the good work!

Ozfemme said...

Well done. Ya know, you can have the donut...but have it whilst you're on the treadmill and stay there for three quarters of an hour plus to walk the donut off.

Seriously, well done. I'm trying to but haven't made it to the gym yet.

monicac2 said...

Congratulations on your weight loss!

Krystal said...

Soooo many congratulations!!!! You GO!