Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WW #21

WW #21

1.) If you caught your partner viewing porn online and masturbating, how would you react?
I have caught my partner doing this, at the time it royally pissed me off, mainly because he and I were having problems, and to me it felt like a form of betrayal. Now, I look back and realized I may of over-reacted a bit.. I have no issues with porn, but when your down and out and not feeling good about yourself and he's sneaking behind your back to look at it, it's wrong. If he would of just been open and honest.. things would of been different

2.) If you caught your partner participating in a sex chat room online, how would you react?
hmmm... again, it's all about honesty.. sneaking is cheating in my book.. as long as their is open communication, I would be cool with it.. hell I may even participate..LOL

3.) Did your parents know when you became sexually active? yes, my father knew
How did they find out? my probation office called him and informed him, and daddy dearest marched me down to the dr and put me on birth control..

4.) How open were/are your parents about sex?
Oh lord.. I will never forget when I asked my Mother about birds & the bee's.. her response was....
The bird is the female, the bee is the male... the bird - or Mommy.. stays home to take care of the home and the bee - the Daddy - goes to work to provide for the family. shit.. that was her story.. so, I had my first lesson in 4th grade, by a boy I went to school with, who was WAY more experienced than any 4th grader should of been..

5.) When was the last time you had a splinter?
hmmmm.. oooh.. last week

What part of your body was it stuck in? it was on my little toe.. that's what I get for walking around barefoot...

6.) If you could only bring back ONE extinct animal, what would it be and why?
First of all, I never realized there were so many on the endagered species list.
How do you choose just one? Seriously, I think some of them need to be gone, and they were probably ment to be gone.. but on the other hand, they have a purpose, and a reason to be here.. for the good of all..right? Then again.. some of those little critters are NASTY!!!

I guess Im saddened to see that the Polar Bear is running the distinct possibility of becoming extinct. All because of Global Warming.. or whatever.. so I guess as of right now, I would say that I would want to stop this from happening.. but, I reserve the right to change my mind at any time!

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