Thursday, September 08, 2005


I woke up this morning feeling rather blah...there has been some kind of shift w/in myself that is causing me to just freakin "wig" out.
One minute Im fine, and the next minute, I feel the pressure in my chest, and my heart starts racing, I get all nervous, and my vision gets blurred, and then, my hands start shaking... and I just start yelling/bitching/going psycho. You know this makes my job really hard. Damn good thing I can just shut my office door and then people dont bother me! I have been getting so angry lately that Im self-destructing, Im tearing apart my home and probably scarin' the hell out of my family. Im not physical towards any of them, but the yelling and throwing of things are bad enough! So, Im off to a counselor to get my anger back under control, to figure out what is triggering my "episodes"

On the other note, my son is sleep walking, that has me a tad concerned. He has the downstairs bedroom, and he's freaked out about someone coming through the bedroom window and taking him away or something, so most of the time he ends up sleeping on the floor in his sisters room or the floor in my room. Not Good!!! This kid is almost 12, he's a little old to still be sleeping w/mommy!!!! Anyhow my other half has been sleeping on the couch so the boy feels more comfy downstairs, he said that last night he watched our son make 3 trips upstairs to check on his sister and me, and then the 4th trip he just came down and sat in the front room... I dont know what the deal is, just zoned out until W had to wake him up and tell him to go back to bed... the poor boy'o... tis very tired, he's not getting the sleep that he needs!!! Time to take him to a Dr too...

My daughter broke her wrist last week rollerblading.. took her in yesterday she got herself a beautiful purple cast, other than that, she's doing well

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