Thursday, September 01, 2005

Some Info - if you care

Ok, so a little about me.
I have two beautiful children, they are my everything, for lack of better words they complete me. My son is 11, he is such a funny little man, it amazes me at how grown up he is. It amazes me at how much like me he is, always wanting to make people laugh & smile to make them happy. He's so worried about making people happy. Yet watch out, he has a temper (which I know he gets from me) He's starting middle school this year. 6th grade!!! OMG!!! I remember middle school, thats when I was introduced to what the world was really about, no more safe cacooned little world, welcome to reality! Oh I do hope he makes it through ok w/out any major life changing moments. I mean, I realize he is going to change, and he's gonna grow and the next few years are going to teach him lesson's w/in life and help him to understand why people are people. But Im not ready to loose my funny monkey.
My daughter... she is mini me! At least that's what everyone tells me. She looks like me, acts like me, talks like me, same facial expressions as me and she is such a bossy little bug! Oh..wait.. so am I! Ok,,,, I get it already. She is 8, and smarter than her own good. I swear she is going into the 3rd grade, already reads at a 5th grade level, does math just under the 5th grade level, knits/crochets and loves to sing! And she's a worrier.. she worries over everything I try to keep her mind occupied on other things, but it just doesnt work. She worries about the food in the cupboard, gas in the car, if the bills are paid, laundry.. you name it.. she worries about it. But if I told her to clean her room.. oh no... she dont worry about that!
Anyhow.. my living situation is a little mucked up. I live w/my ex boyfriend and my daughters father. Now, mind you, there is nothing going on w/either of them. We are all roommates sharing the expenses. But its a long long long story and one that I dont wish to get into right now. But I swear, parts of my life should be on the Jerry Springer show.
I will give you a little bit of it to wet thy whistle, My sons father and my daughters father were best friends in high schoool. The ex that I live w/I also dated when I was 16 (for about a yr). There ya go.. as the world turns, ho hum, its just another fu**ed day in my life.
W/out my wee ones, I dont know how I would cope.

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