Thursday, September 29, 2005

Kids n Drugs

So Im watching the news last night and on comes a report about a 3yr old
who was brought to the Centralia Hospital, high on meth. Crystal Meth, that was probably just laying around his house because one of his loving parents is a drug addict, and as most children that age do, he puts it in his mouth, and what do you know.. the kid is seeing purple and pink dinosaures flying across the room, and running around so damn quick that it gives a whole new meaning to ADHD.

Where are these parents minds? Granted, they are higher than the Empire State building, but, where were their minds prior to gettin' hooked? Been there done that, and you know what, when I found out that I was bringing another life into this world that I was going to have devote the next 25 yrs to someone else, to raise them according to what they should be, to help them understand right from wrong, morals, caring, loving individuals and who can help this fucked up society that we currently live in.

The report goes on to say, that in Lewis County (where that child resides) almost 75% of the children in foster care there were pulled out due to their parents being drug addicts or alcholics.
Its so sad, I look at my children, and their are days that I feel I am not providing for them the way I wish to, but you know what. They are not living w/strangers, their mother isnt a crack whore, they have food on the table, clean clothes on their backs, a bed to sleep in and an occasional outting to a nice place.

So you know what.. help a child in need. There are those that are worse off.
And my heart goes out to that small child


Danielle said...

I have no idea! all I know is that parents need to watch their kids more and be more in tune! okay I sound like Dr. Phil!!

Barney said...

Dr. Danielle.. but you are so right girl... if your gonna be a parent.. then damn it.. take the responsibilty seriously..

ok.... I will step down off my soap box.