Thursday, September 01, 2005


Im so saddened by the devestation of Katrina. I feel like I should go volunteer at the Red Cross and go try to help out the best I can, and do what I can. This disaster makes my problems w/life seem to minimul and I guess they are.

But what I dont get, is the looters. Who are these selfish assholes that are robbing guns and trying to break into hospitals? I understand breaking into the local Rite Aid to steal water/food/medical supplies... but to break down the local Walmart and clean out the gun section and to take the new tv's. WTF? For what.. um hello you damn ass's, you dont have any electricity, let alone cable... OMG.. fu**ing idiots.

I feel the loss for them, and here I sit, knowing I get to go home in an hr from my job, and cook a wholesome meal for my kids, and then take a shower and lay down in my comfortable bed. That seems so wrong to me.

I saw an ad for the American Red Cross, 20 hrs of training, then they will send u to volunteer. Im seriously thinking I should, there has got to be SOMETHING I can do.

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