Friday, October 27, 2006

Devils Advocate!!

Yep..thats me, Devils Advocate.. or.. am I just adding fuel to the fire?
Or both???

So, last night S & I are sittin' around, having a few drinks talking. She's telling me about her messed up life.. so forth and so on... and me in my brilliant wisdom..
lets txt J..
dumb dumb dumb..

long story short.. tomorrow night J & I and some other friends were going to go to a Halloween party.. my friend got sick.. so she has cancelled, I informed J to come up w/plan B.. and he asked if I had.. and I had.. and me in my stupid buzzed state invited him along.
Now.. you would think.. whats the big????

Well S & her husband will be there!!! dumb dumb dumb duuuuumb!!!!
he say's its no big deal, he wont hit on her, he says he's past it..
she is overly excited cuz she gets to see him.
and Im right dab stuck in the fucking middle of it.. why?
well duh..I put myself there...why???
Two reasons... one.. they need to get the fuck past it..
two..she asked for it.. I just figured it will be better w/her husband there..

Well? dont hold back.. tell me your thoughts.. I in high school again????

1 comment:

~*~ D ~*~ said...

LOL it probably only feels like highschool because your friends are acting like horny teenagers!!!

OMG I would have done the same thing, most likely. 1- if they were uncomfortable it might be funny to watch (I don't have many friends LOL) and 2- well I forgot what # 2 was imagining the two of them facing each other at the party!