Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I dont get people

So.. continued on from my birthday evening...

J (the guy my friend S threw herself at)
just called..
he wants her #... he wants to see her
he didnt call me.. he called another friend of mine..
so.. I sent him a txt msg.. and told him that I would not provide him her #
because I would not play a part in breakin up her marriage, she was drunk..
and there are small children at home.. and who the hell does he think he is to want that?

Yeah..Im pissed.. then again.. to be honest w/myself.. I know why Im pissed.. we all went out last weekend.. w/out my friend S.. and I thought he and I hit it off.. stupid stupid stupid stupid!!!
I should of known.. NOONE ever goes for me..

but still.. she's married.. OMG!!!!
you cant be serious.. yeah..Im pissed.. really really pissed
and so I txt him.. and he see's nothing wrong w/it..

OH.. Im mad at that!!!!

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~*~ D ~*~ said...

Well I for one agree with you 100% and I wouldn't have any part in it either! It's such a shame when people only think with their libedo and take no thought in what type of damange they are about to cause!