Monday, October 30, 2006


Yep.. Thank Gawd it's Monday.. and my weekend is over!

Saturday evening... Halloween party was actually fun. Good Times were had by all.. little drama.. but not much.. well except for S is no longer talking to me. Cuz I had enough and called her on her shit, in front of J.. and other friends.

Yep..Im the bitch..
Yep... I put a stop to everything
Yep.. Im ok with it.

Did I do the right thing? Probably not.. but.. grow up.. be mature.. be a fucking ADULT!!!
it's ok to look and to admire..
it is not ok to touch.. that is going over the limits..
she touched..
I said something..

J.. well... he and I talked exstensively on Sunday.. and he just wants to make sure that I believe and trust him. He said that he really wants me to believe and trust him, it's important to him, I dont understand why.. but.. I do.. because as of yet, he has done nothing to where that would be null and void.
I informed him.. he looses my trust, then there is no friendship! He will cease to exist to me.

I dont know what to beleive..
what I hate to admit.. is that... he's a good guy.. to hang with and I enjoy his company.
Since another gentlemen that I would really like to enjoy has disappeared yet again in my life. I could easily pass the time w/J...that scares me.....

S blamed the whole thing on me.. of course she did.. that's fine.. I told her Im done.. I cant continue on this fucked up path that seems to be the road her and I contineousely walk down together. I refuse to accept the blame.. she is an adult, and can make her own choices/decisions. Nice thing about taking responsibility for your actions.. you have a choice.. and she choose what she did..

Im saddened at the turn of events tho. Because it put her in a totally different light than what Ive always known her to be.
I dont know how to deal with that.
The fact that I told her I liked J...(so that she would think twice b4 reacting the way she did) and to know that she would hit on him anyway..
1) while she's married
2) when there are others around
3) knowing that me, her BF, is in "like" w/him.. and she did it anyway...

I need new friends I think!


~*~ D ~*~ said...

I totally agree with you there! The fact that she hit on him knowing those 3 things speaks volumes about her. I think you are better off - it is definately her loss!

Barney said...

To set the record straight... I dont have a thing for J.. I told her that so that she wouldnt make an ass out of herself..
a whole lot of good that did..

She's talking to me now.. she seems to of understood that it was her fault..