Thursday, October 19, 2006

Drama belongs in High School

Drama makes the world go round..

Round 2!!!
Text messaging war!!!

me: Steppin out on your spouse/significant other is a form of cheating.. and your ok w/that?
J: How do you know she is happy? You could be obstructing her happiness!
me: What did she say to you that made you think she wasnt?
me: Ive known here for 20+ yrs... she happy... bark up another tree!!!!
J: then why does she want to see me?
me: she was flattered someone besides her hubby was paying attention to her
J: Im not buying that!
me: it wasnt for sale!

At this point, I got pissed, and I was driving ( it's really fucking hard to drive and txt message) so I called him...
Me: Hi.. look.. you dont have an effing clue what is going on w/her and her husband.. she is happy.. she get's tipsy.. she hit's on guys.. but it goes NO where from there.. deal with it.. and dont even think about it. I didnt realize you were that kind of guy..
are you really that type of guy?
J: wouldnt be the first.. or the last, what business is it of yours what she does.. or who she does it with.
me: your right.. it's none of my business.. normally.. but this is my business.. I love her hubby like a brother.. and Im a surrogate Aunt to her chilren!!!
Wow.. that's all I gotta say..Wow..
J: what are you wow'in me for
me: my opinion of you just rolled to the bottom of my are now lower than the scum that is on the bottom of my shoe. You want to mess w/married my guest, but you leave my friends out of it. Have a good evening and good bye

And I hung up!

he txt me back
J: are you going to talk to me anymore, or am I automattically a dick
me: your a dick.. and Im extremely disappointed!
J: Well Im not married so dont be mad
me: but she is!
J: True... but dont be hatin
me: Im not hatin... it takes emotions & feelings to hate another.. I feel nothing for you.. your nothing!
J: are we still on for the Halloween part?
(mutual plans were made prior to all this for me to attend a Halloween party w/a friend of mine which is where I met him)
me: Im still going
J: you dressing up?
me: nope.. so your still going?
J: yea...aint txt messaging fun?
me: it's a way to communicate
J: and it's fun too... so there!!!!

ok.. can I ask a question here now? WTF?
and yes.. I txt him back..Im so OCD (opsessive compulsive disorder) when it comes to messaging..I have to answer.. I have to have the last word!!!

me: dressing up for Halloween means you can be someone your not
J: what are you trying to say?
me: look in a mirror.. be someone else!
J: it will be fun, Im looking forward to it
me: it's fun to get out of the house
J: hell yeah it is
me: yep yep

I win... !!!! I had the last word.. aww yea!!!

I called S... and told her that he wanted her #.. but I refused to play a part in it, and I told him no..she said...... are you ready.... "dont you think that is my decision to make?"
my reply..was..'s your decision.. but Im gonna play devils advocate here, and tell you.. his # is on my cell.. you want it.. fine.. dont let me find out that your seeing him, and steppin out on your hubby.. cuz if I do.. I will tell.. because I will NOT play a part in this.. and if he's willing to allow you to cheat on your hubby..what does that tell you about his character..
to which she replied.. what does that say about my character if I want to step out on my husband.. I love my husband.. I only wanted to see him again because I was drunk.. and because it's nice to feel attractive, and wanted.. from someone else beside your husband.. I dont WANT him..
And now.. she really doesnt want to see him.. (so she says)

Im still upset.. why?
who knows..

Im still infatuated.. hopefully I will see Mr.Ib (infatuation boy)
soon.. cuz I need to feel validated.. :)


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~*~ D ~*~ said...

You did the right thing, it may be her decision to make but seeing as how they are trying to get to each other through you which puts you right into the middle of the mess...therefore it is your business!

You did the right thing, and don't let them make you feel like you didn't!