Monday, June 25, 2007


Hi all...

It's been crazy around here, with school getting out, end of year baseball tourney's (which we lost!!) Dance recitals, birthdays, dog shows. And well.. Im plum tuckered out!!!

So.. a brief update.. I GOT LAID!!!
Yeah.. for me it's a HUGE occurance.. well because.. it's been so damn long!!!
Saturday night, he clld me out of the blue, hadnt talked to him in a long time. He called, said he would be in town, and he would call me when he got in town.. umm..ok.. usually I dont believe a word he says, cuz well, he lives about 30 min from me, and normally doesnt make it down to my neck of the woods.. and/or.. doesnt actually show..

Among all the drama Saturday night, w/my BFF (best friend forever) it being her B-day... her in-laws invited themselves along.. and well.. they normally dont get along sober, you throw some alcohol in on that equation, and the night turned into a fucking drama-fest!!!
Lets just say, it was a full blown, screamin match at the bar, so dear ol' me got to break it up, and drive the drunken people home (luckily I wasnt drinkin) he calls me just as I get back to the bar, he's getting into town.. so I run in, slam a few drinks, cuz well.. everyone needs liquid courage..

Then we headed to a hotel, and that fine piece of man ROCKED MY WORLD!!! Just thinking about it is making my nether regions tingle!!!! and D A M N.. I want M O R E!!!!

We had a long talk inbetween sessions, and he proceeded to tell me that Im not the normal type of "white women" who fall's for a "black man"... ok.. um.. he blew me away with that.. cuz.. well.. I didnt realize there was a "type"??? So.. what in the hell did he mean by that? Yes, of course I asked him.. he just said that I dont fit the typical mold! HUH?
Well, he distracted me by this point.. and we didnt get to end the conversation...
But, it's got me perplexed... what does he mean by that? Please someone explain it to me....

Then we got into the whole discussion about trying other things... meaning, he's been invited to this place, that's semi-local, where it's all about "adult entertainment" ... oh hell, Im trying as delicate as possible of describing it.. but.. whatever.. the Redmond Ranch, it's a large house, that offers the swinger lifestyle...the whole partner swap kind of thing.. now.. yes, Ive had three-somes.. and well.. it's a mind set, ok for some, not for others.. personally, I dont think I could watch my guy fuck someone else.. however.. I wasnt in a relationship during the time I had my three-somes.. it was me, a good male friend of mine and his girlfriend (and I will say.. that girl knew what to do with her tongue!!!) anyhow.. it was an interesting evening.. and.. well, I kind of think I would go there again, only a little more sober, as I was pretty wasted my first time and I would like to "remember" a little more!!!!

Oh, sorry, I totally got side tracked (Im on a work conf call... typing this out and not paying any kind of attention.. bad bad me)
Anyhow.. so, he was asking me if I would be interested in attending a "party" with him..the way he explained it, is he doesnt want to sleep w/anyone else, he perfers the whole voyeur side of things, he likes it when guys hit's on "his women" and not that he wants me to do anything w/anyone else.. but, he wouldnt object to me giving him a blow job while others watch...... hmmmmmmmmmm.... I dont have an issue w/sex or my body, and I realize it's a chose lifestyle for others..and well.. Ive had sex in the same room w/others.. but as I get older, Im realizing Im turning into, more of a me & him... or possibly throwing another couple in there.. but.. hmmmm....

Something I will have to think about.. there's is just so much to think about...

Anyhow... I got laid.. damn.. that man is G O O D!!! and now.. I want more..
so Im gonna have to get a hold of him and let him know he just wetted my appitite.. and he needs to satisfy me some more... :)

Ok.. hope to hear from you all


Weekends Off said...

Would it sound absolutely odd and inappropriate for me to tell you I am so happy for you??? Barney got LAID!!!

I'm happy dancin for you in my chair!

If you go to that party you KNOW I am gonna want details so take that into consideration LOL....

Now, as for what he meant by the "normal type of white girl who falls for a black man" that's an odd statement. I didn't know there was a type LOL. As a matter of fact, in my experience it seems to work the opposite way. Friends and family would assume, initially, that because I dated interracially that ANY black man would do. Shoot, we all have standards, no matter what the skin color. You should SEE some of the hookups I've been matched up with at the last minute.

Barney said...

Exactly.. is there a "type"

I have emailed him, as I want an answer.. cuz well.. I have NO idea what in the hell he is referring to..

Regardless of skin tone, it's has to do with the type of person he is.. you know?

Oh well.. I did email him and tell him I wanted more..
His reply.. was Name the place and time Princess..

Princess????? Oh lord... :)

The Dung Beetle said...

Look at me! Look at my hands! I'm doing that thing the kids do... what the devil do they call it? Oh yes... I'm "raising the roof" at your getting laid! That is fabulous news!

As for the "normal type of white woman" phrase, I haven't the slightest idea what he's talking about. I prefer to see a person's individuality before their race, and that's not a sanctimonious shot at your wang-slinger, but that's just how I do what I do, knaamean?

I'm too lazy to do anything other than see people at face value, unless I'm trying to seduce or exploit them... then I put forth a bit more effort in trying to get inside their heads...

My favorite thing about a romantic/physical interest has more to do with how attractive she is, if there is chemistry, if I feel comfortable, and/or what she's willing to let me bend her over or cram into her or etc... race never really plays into it.

Ironically, the majority of women who approach me are white. I'm not sure if that's some "race thing" or if it's just how the natural demographic plays-out (I tend to work, play, and reside in predominantly-white areas. If i lived in the international district, I'd prolly be clockin dem asian chicks too. Hey... It could happen!

But I'm curious to hear your friend's answer, though.

Weekends Off said...

I'm curious to see what he says too!

and ...princess?????

LOL well it's better than babygirl -- I got called that over the weekend. I'm almost 40.

April said...

Hey now, I'm on this site trying to behave myself and now you're all talking about getting laid and swing-clubs and stuff? Geesh. Here I am 47 years old and my guy calls me baby and it melts my heart every time his deep, sexy voice calls me baby. I will NEVER be told old for him to call me baby.
There are those in life who stereotype everyone, including people who date outside their race. For me, it's never been about skin's been about a smile and laughter.
I've heard mixed things about the Redmond Ranch........just be careful, it's not for everyone. And maybe give it some more time with him before you decide that's something you should do together. Seems pretty quick to be bringing that up unless you guys are just buddies..........
As for congratulations on getting laid, I'm firm believer that a lady should have her world rocked every single day of her life. I find as I get older though, that some days it's something other than sex that rocks it. Sometimes it's just that arm wrapped around you tightly.

Anonymous said...