Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I dont see dead people

Well.. I know you all have been sitting on the edge of your seats.. waiting and waiting for me to give you an update.. so here it is..

I don't see dead people..
mainly.. by the time Saturday night rolled around.. I was so exhausted.. that I stayed home
pathetic huh?

Around 10:30 I did receive a phone call, stating that there was someone at the bar waiting for me. However.. I could barely keep my eyes open, and I believe I mumbled into the phone..that's nice, tell him Hi.. and another time.. and hung up :(

Yeah.. I guess sub-consciously I really didn't care if I saw him or not.
Maybe it's best to just keep him in my memory banks.

On to other news:

My son has decided to lie again.. about school, and grades... so.. I did the one and only thing I could think of.. ok..well two things..
I yanked away his summer vacation.. and sighned my happy little liar up for summer school.
Called his father, said.. oh so sorry.. as much as I know you want your son.. and as much as I NEED a vacation.. he will not be coming to Texas.. amazingly enough.. his father agreed, and instead of Wonder Mutt heading to see him, his Pop's will coming here to spend a week w/him while he's in summer school.. that's fine.. have fun..
However, we did discuss that if Wonder Mutt carries good grades, and passe's.. and since Summer school is only 4 weeks.. that maybe.. and I mean MAYBE... he will be able to go to Texas for 2 weeks.. but Im not telling Wonder Mutt that.. he needs to figure out that what Mamma says.. Mamma means!!!

Booga Butt was suppose to go to Minnesota for some time this summer to hang out w/Grammy, but damn if I cant find cheap airfare.. holy hell...
plus.. Im leaving in October to head to Cabo for a much needed week of relaxation.. I figured it's my 35th Birthday this year.. Im going on a freakin vacation w/no wee one's under foot.. no dog's to deal with.. no NOTHING.. just me, 7 close friends.. sand - sun - and a bucket of beer.. or 20!!! :)

Ok..that's it.. I got's to get my ass back to work.. or Im gonna get farther behind.. and trust me.. my ass is big enough!!! hahhahahaha.. I made funny..


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April said...

Gosh, you probably really disappointed the poor guy. But I know the feeling.......... Seems like all I wanna do lately is veg. My zest for going out seems to be waning.