Monday, October 31, 2005

Rainy day's bring on the Downer Monster

I love the rain, why else would I live in the Pacific Northwest, however, there are times when I step outside and the drops from the heavens are still falling to the ground, that you realize there is a cloud hanging over your head.

Driving into work today, I looked over at an open field, that amazingly enough has not been bulldozed for more fucking housing, any how.. I see a dog limping across the field, thinly covered in the mist/fog, and as the dog come's towards the traffic, I realize, its a Coyote.... it stops, and looks, with its front paw bent up, a loan tan coyote, in a field, early in the morning, w/mist and fog surrounding it... and I swear, as I sat there at the stop light, and looked at the coyote, with the rain falling on my windshield, no radio, the kids were quiet, all we could here was the rain falling on the car, and the sound of the windshield wipers, and I swear, that Coyote and I had a moment... as we stared at each other, eye to eye, with the elements surrounding us, I heard him say.. stop devoloping my home! My family and I are being ran out, where will we go? How will I feed my children? What will I do, then he turned, and started back towards the thick fog, and w/one last glance over his shoulder I heard " Remember me, I too, am here, living, breathing and surviving" and then he disappeared among the fog, mist & rain...

Did I really see him? Did anyone else see him? Yes, he was there, the kids saw him and they too were just as memorized as I. And, then the light changes, and off to the hussle and bussle of the Monday morning commute and then I hear my son say, Mom..the coyote is heartbroken. You could see it in his eyes.

Yes, honey.. I know..
His day will come
He will be free
and able to roam where he's ment to be
all things come accordingly
and all things get what they deserve.
So mote it be!


Danielle said...

whats been going on? just checken in!!! sup!!!

Barney said...

Life is a crazy fucked up mess of bullshit..

just LOVIN IT!!!!

Ms Peculiar said...

This post was haunting. One time while I was camping with my family in the Jemez mountains, It was very early morning, the fire was burning and the coffee was just beginning to brew on the camp stove. It was foggy and a the sun was just peeking over the mountain. I saw a wolf across the stream. He stopped and looked at me, I took his picture. Then he dismissed me and slowly faded away. Your story reminded me of that time. I have a wolf hybrid that my Uncle gave me right before he died. He was 4 weeks old when I got him and he is one of the family. (Sorry this is so long) I just really related to your story.

Danielle said...

het whats up today? you feelen okay?