Friday, October 14, 2005

Am I just a Bitch?

So, we have been extremely short staffed here at work, hiring freeze has been in full force, until finally management has realized that some of us have been working 12 hr days and working on the weekends. So finally, we get new-hires. Not FTE.. oh no, cant go there, but temps... to come in, do parts of our jobs, to make things easier on us, then they are gone... so we can end up working OT again.

So, I get myself a "newbie" I have to train her on a piece of my job, so she can pick up for me because Im covering 3 peoples position. So Im training, and I ask her a question if she had read one of our manuals and if she understood everything, cuz its kind of technical, I mean, Hi.. I work in the Telecommunications Industry for an SS7 provider.. we provide networking and database services across the world. Anyhow, I ask her if she was able to understand what she read and if she needed to sit w/Product management maybe to understand, ( I know for me, just reading the written word... Doesn't always understand, Im a diagram kind of gal) anyhow.. she looks me dead in the eye and says... " I do know how to read & Im a good reader"
K... um.. great.. Did I fucking ask you if you know how to read????!!!!

I mean, wow... Don't try to impress me, I don't sign your paychecks, but don't ever take that tone of voice w/me again and don't ever be so condescending. Must just be me, cuz it totally pissed me off.
Now, mind you, I have a rep around work of being a non-bullshitter. Im straight to the point, and could care less if I upset you or make you sad. Im not here to make friends, Im here to do my job, (which I completely enjoy) and get my paycheck to take care of whats mine. And Im damn good at my job, granted like everyone I do make mistakes.. but I will fess up and take full responsibility..and correct what I screwed up on. (doesn't happen often but it happens)

Where was I? So, about 3 min later, if that... I told her to go sit w/someone else, cuz she royally ticked me off and I just couldn't assist her anylonger..

So.. am I just a bitch? did I take it to personal? Or was she thinking that I was downgrading her

whatever.. I don't have time for this shit!


Danielle said...

No she's an ass!!! your not a bitch!!!! I hear you loud and clear!

Barney said...

the guy who sits next to me told me that I handled it rather well, he thought I was gonna rip her head off...

Damn.. I hate people!!! LOL