Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Something Fun

So I sent out an email, something stupid and fun to see what response's I would get back
the question was
One word..... Describe me in ONE WORD - just one. Send it to me (only me) then forward .

The response's were interesting...
Here ya go

Shane: Uninhibited
Shelley: Vibrant
James: Amazing
Mason: Amazing
Jon: Hottie
Stephanie: Adventurer
My Mother: MINE
Debbie: Vivacious

Just something fun... 2 guys thought I was amazing.. yet, they really dont "KNOW" me


Danielle said...

I was say FUCKEN HYSTERICAL, with out the fucken cuz then that would be 2 words lol!

Barney said...

LOL.. thanks for that..

Danielle said...

Happy Friday!!!!!!!! whoooooo it's the weekend!

Danielle said...