Wednesday, October 05, 2005

10 Facts Men Dont Know about Women

I dont agree w/all these... I actually love a good Mettalica concert...

1. We are more vulgar than you. We just aren't as loud.
2. We don't really mind when you leave the toilet seat up. It's evidence that you didn't piss all over it.
3. We drink till you're cute too.
4. Whoever told you that we love spooning is wrong. You fall asleep immediately, and we're pinned under your heavy, sweaty limbs, trying desperately to break free before you start snoring.
5. No, we don't want to listen to you play the Guns N' Roses song you just learned on your guitar (or bass or drums). We are not in college anymore. Sitting on your couch while you struggle through "November Rain" is painful. Have mercy.
6. "You are so smart" actually means, "You are so adorable when you try to act smart."
7. Sexy beats cute. Smart trumps sexy. Funny takes the pot.
8. When we say cool, really, wow, and huh, we're not listening, either.
9. We don't really expect you to like romantic comedies. We just make you watch them as a payback for all the baseball games, Metallica concerts, and Super Bowl parties we sit through with you. And for the record, we, unlike you, have yet to fall asleep in the middle of any of them.
10. We never fake orgasms. Okay, once in a while we do. But only for the sake of expediency.


defiant goddess said...

I love 3, 4, 6, & 8! :)

Danielle said...

tell it like it is gurl!!!! yea!!! right on!! loved it!!! missed ya!

Barney said...

I drink till they are cute!!! isnt that the way its suppose to be???

Danielle said...

hahahah too funny

Read this again

this is right on the money hhahahah

Barney said...

well I drank enough both Friday and Saturday for them ALL to look cute!!!

Had to celebrate the 33rd day of my birth some how!!!