Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Somedays are better than Others

Well I'll be a June bug on a hot summer night!!!!

Here at work, we have something called Thrive awards..
and today.. I found out I got a nice Thrive award...
I dont know from who.. and I dont know why.. all I know is
that I have an extra cash that is now burning a large whole in my pocket...

What ever should I buy???
Or should I be a good girl, and pay off a few of those over hanging bills???

Either way, its nice to be reconized for something..
and here I was HATING my job.

Thank you Corporate America! I appreciate it!!!!!


Danielle said...

Gurl aint nothen like extra cash! enjoy it!!! and your so right about.....Somedays are better than Others ........cuz im haven a bad day!!

Danielle said...

yo yo yo just wanted to say good morning, im chillen today be back with a post tomorrow :)