Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Ever have those days when you just want to be left the fuck alone?

I stayed home from work yesterday, as I have the worse case of bronchitas, and my co-workers are getting a tad irritated w/me for coughing and spreading my germs through the air ducts.
So, I left early Monday, and decided to say screw it, and stayed home yesterday. Well, I basically slept my life away yesterday after getting the wee ones off to school.

Last night, Im laying in bed, hadnt taken a shower, only brushed my teeth, feeling like death was standing at the foot of my bed, crookin' his wee little finger at me, saying.. "come here little girl, this big daddy wants to show you hell's kitchen" when in walks W... he's my daughters father who has been staying w/me.. he jumps on the bed, lays on top of me, and is kissin' my neck and running his hands all over me.

um.. hmmm....lets see.. WTF???!!!! I dont feel good, and I KNOW I dont look good, so get the fuck up jack ass!!! So Im twisting and Im turning, and Im bitchin' and its turning him on... dude just got it the other night (ok, so we aint together but damn that man can fuck!!! TMI huh?)
anyhow... I get pissy..then I go into a coughing fit, and so then he gets pissed, and finally goes downstairs.. he's gone for like an hr.... which is fine by me.. later!!!
So what does he do???? Are you ready for this? Are ya sittin down? ok.. he brings me up my favorite homemade mint chocolate chip cookies... and a glass of 7up... for me, he went downstairs and made me cookies.. cuz I didnt feel good... now is that a good man or what? It was so sweet of him.

So moral of the story..
Sometimes being a bitch does pay off...
All I wanted was to be left alone in my misery so I could die in peace. Is that to much to ask for?
Then the dumb-ass had to go and do something nice for me, so I couldnt even be pissy w/him? Yeah, I know..I should be greatful and thankful and whatever else.

Ok..I am... but again... what about me eating those few cookies, when I probably should of just taped them straight to my ass!!! haha.. more later


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feeling a ton better..thanks.. sounds like you had a good day off!