Monday, October 17, 2005

Monday, Monday

Its another fun filled day in the work arena..

My weekend.. nothing really to report
Went shopping at Costco.. they really need to change the name of that store, to something like, over $200 store, I can NEVER get outta that store under $200.. never fails.. and word of advice, never go grocery shopping when your hungry!! I bough crap that I dont need, nor do the kids.. oh well..

Saved a 7mo old pit bull from death, so needless to say, I now have a damn dog. Mind you, I love dogs, and I have been wanting one, but pits are NOT my breed of choice. But I couldnt allow them to put him down, long story short, he's an AKC registerd full blood Pit. He's adorable, Oscar the Cat Slayer is his registerd name. So what does that tell you?! So far, all is well, he's a lap dog, right now he probably weights about 40lbs, white/carmel color, good disposition, great w/the kids, hardly barks, but doesnt realize the strength & power that is behind him. Once he does, Im gonna have my hands full! And I thought the wee ones would be difficult. This would be one of those times I say "what was I thinking?"

In other news... my roommate (who's my ex) walked into his ex-wife's house to pick up his daughter, walked into his ex's bedroom (not sure why, not my business) and walked into a cloud of meth smoke. Nice huh? Anyhow, so he grabbed his daughter and his ex's other child and left, brought them to my house, contacted the father of the son (who has custody of his son because mom gave him up when he was 2 cuz she didnt really want him) and together they contacted CPS (child protective services) the local police wrote statements, and so forth and so on.
Now, this crack head is something else. I have known here for a few years and she is the most backstabbing/lieing/selfish/self centered bitch you will EVER meet. Not sure what he's planning on doing, as he has no way of taking care of her, he has no legal parental rights and he's sleeping on my couch for gawd sakes. But, nobody wants her to go to state care, so if push comes to shove I guess she could come to my house, however I would be the one who would probably be help responsible as R (the dad) is on probation and has a warrant out for his arrest as he's been neglecting his probation (can u say dumbass) mainly cuz he's been trying to take care of his job and daughter as I found out, he's known about this little drug habit for some time.

Stay tuned in for more drama... Happy Monday


Danielle said...

ahaah yuo called her crack head!!! gurl your wild!!!

Barney said...

crack head, crack whore, snatch, worthless piece of human flesh taking up precious oxygen that us real humans need.
Whatever you wanna call her.

Can you figure out I dont like her?